Euphorbia anoplia (Zipper Plant)

May 6, 2012 // Purchased

Euphorbia anoplia

April 18, 2013 // I was out late in the garden. I repotted/potted up several succulents until 9:30pm. I just wanted to get it done.

Potted Succulents

July 9, 2016 // Some of my succulents were neglected with my old succulent shelf setup… like this Tanzanian Zipper Plant (Euphorbia anoplia) which was on a bottom shelf away from light, making it really leggy. I repotted it to a larger pot and will give it a bit more light.

Repotted Leggy Euphorbia Anoplia

More photos:

August 6, 2016 // I tied chopsticks in an attempt to straighten the Zipper Plant.

Euphorbia anoplia (Zipper Plant)

June 2, 2019 // I was doing maintenance on a few of my succulents and ran onto this Euphorbia that was all tied up (see 2nd photo). I can’t recall the exact reason why I tied it up, but I think it got covered by something and was lacking light, so the branches elongated and curved to try to reach the light. I wanted it to be upright, so I tied it up with yard onto chopsticks (see 3rd photo) to force it to straighten. After 3 years, it got more light, the stems harden and straightened and the tips grew to its regular thickness, but the elongated stems stayed thin. Looking at the old photo, I also noticed it grew a bunch of babies.

Zipper Plant untied

Zipper Plant
Euphorbiaceae // Euphorbia anoplia
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